RUNNER’S SHARE: What Do YOU Do When You DON’T F&$% Feel Like Running?

We all have days when we just don’t feel like running – it’s inevitable. Motivation isn’t constant – it ebbs and flows. So what should YOU do when you don’t feel like running?! I took it to Instagram and gathered some awesome tips to help you answer that question next time!


Let my body rest and try to get the run in later”

“Don’t run”

“Just rest or walk

“Lay in bed”


I just don’t, or I do a nature walk!”

“Sometimes I run anyways, others, like today, I listen to my body and rest.


“Core or lower body strength training”

“Hike/swim/bike/nap/second nap.”

“Go for a good walk with the dogs.”

“Walk instead…”

“Choose a different type of exercise like swimming or rowing.”

“Long walk or hike with my dog.”

“Go to the gym and do a different type of workout.”

“Swimming or cycling are great alternatives! TRIFLIFE!”


“I’ll still go, if not I’ll just reset for the next day.”

“Run more.”

“Start running! The feeling always fades with the miles!”

“Give it a go for 10 mins and if after that I still don’t want to, I go home!”

“I just go and let myself walk whenever I feel like it. But at least start out running.”

“Go anyway!!!”


“I put on my running clothes anyway. Usually that’s enough to change my mind”

“Tell myself I’ll walk, it always turns into a run once out.”

“I run”


“Run anyways!”

“I push myself to go anyways, and I usually end up enjoying it and being glad I went. The moments when I lack motivation and need to go, I just fall back on discipline.”

“I walk for a half mile or so and then I’m usually in the mood to run by then.”

“Go for 5 minutes. If after 5 minutes you still feel like not running then stop! I never stop.”

“I usually just run at a different time in the day. Morning run turns into a night run.”




“I usually start watching really hard core athletes train on Youtube! It really inspires me!”

“Remember who I used to be”

“Do breathing exercises for the run”

“Add some new songs to my playlist and run anyways!”

“I tell myself I can turn around at anytime”

“Take a walk to motivate myself”

“Tell myself, “I’m just going to do 5 mins!” helps me determine if I’m making excuses or do need rest. If after 5 mins I’m still not in it then I’ll rest… 90% of the time I don’t want to stop then!”

“Tell myself to just to X number of miles then see how I feel. Then I focus on 1 mile at a time.”

“I take a shower to warm my body up! It sounds kinda weird but it works.”

“Take it one step at a time with no expectations.”

“Listen to happy music.”

“I find an inspiring endurance book like “Into Thin Air” if they can climb Everest, then I can run!”

“Go slow. Pretend you’re going for a walk. After a mile, I’m ready to run!”

“Make a really good playlist. Or run fast so it’s over quicker!”

“I try and switch up the route, change my music, do something different to switch it up even just a little!”

Have your own that I should add to the list?! Share it below and leave your Name or Instagram handle to have your idea added!

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