Get Shit Done, Goal Setting

Okay, now that you’ve got your MONTHLY GOALS planned out (if not – check out this blog post) – it’s time to set some WEEKLY GOALS to accomplish those! Each week, I sit back down with my paper and pen (and crayons admittedly) and create a weekly goal list. This helps me to break those monthly goals down into actual tasks that I can gradually accomplish! Here’s how it goes…


Write the days of the week on one axis (you can choose how to organize it & whether you prefer the days of the week to be on the top of the paper or the side – I’ve tried both)!


Write out the 6-8 areas of your life from your monthly goal list on the other axis of the paper (PRO TIP: I also include a section for “other” to include random responsibilities/life things that come up – doctors appointments, birthdays, etc.)


Write out small daily goals for each of the days/areas of your life. Here are some examples:

If my EMOTIONAL HEALTH MONTHLY GOAL is to practice gratitude 5 minutes/day then…
Under “EMOTIONAL HEALTH” I will write “5 min of gratitude” as a daily goal for each day of the week.

If my PHYSICAL HEALTH MONTHLY GOAL is to do abs 3x/week then…
Under “PHYSICAL HEALTH” I will choose 3 days to write “abs for 10 min.” as a daily goal.

If my BLOG MONTHLY GOAL is to write 3 posts per week then…
Under “BLOG” I will choose 3 days and write the ideas for what I will post on those days
(PRO TIP: The more time and energy you put into actually specifically planning what you will do/how long you will do it – the more likely you are to actually follow through)!

Ready to set some goals?! Take those monthly goals and break them down into weekly, and daily, goals for this upcoming week – and before you know it, you’ll be crossing items off and gaining momentum & balance in all areas of your life! Make sure you take a picture of your weekly goals and share it with me on Instagram at @raceacrossthestates!


Get Shit Done, Goal Setting


Each month, I take about an hour out of my day (usually a nice, lazy, Sunday) to sit down, reflect, and set some goals for the upcoming month. This habit helps me to recognize all that I’ve accomplished in the last month, think through where I want to go, and figure out HOW I can actually get there! I’ve been doing this for about 5 years now, and it’s a habit that I’ll never let go of – THAT’S how much I believe in it. It helps me to keep my momentum, prioritize what I need to get done, and simply remember to enjoy & celebrate all of the areas of my life. So, in an effort to help you get shit done – I wanted to share my process with all of you!

Here’s how I plan my monthly goals:


GET A PIECE OF PAPERDUH. Or an excel sheet if you prefer to go digital!



Here are some examples of areas you could choose:
Mental Health
Emotional Health
Personal Projects – blogs, books, hobbies, etc.
Personal Growth



Remember – these do not have to be BIG, LOFTY, HUGE goals – the more specific the better.

EXAMPLE: Instead of writing “start practicing Spanish,” you could write “Download the Duolingo app” as one goal and “Practice Spanish for 5 minutes everyday” as a second goal – the more specific you are, the more likely you are to actually get it done!

In addition, make sure it’s realistic! The worst thing with goal-planning is when you get WAY too ambitious and then end up seeing those big ass goals on there ALL MONTH LONG that you know you won’t actually get to. If you want to gain momentum and actually make this habit work – start SMALL. Sit down and truly think through what you can handle this month and what you’d need to do to achieve it. Think about what’s important to you, what competing demands may get in the way, how much you can handle in each area of life, and where you’re needing the most TLC.

Here are a few examples of monthly goals:
– Do abs 3x per week (FITNESS GOAL)
Have 120 oz. of water each day (HEALTH GOAL)
– Post to my blog 3x/week (BLOG GOAL)
– Organize files on my computer (MENTAL HEALTH GOAL)
– Practice gratitude for 5 minutes per day (EMOTIONAL HEALTH GOAL)



To actually make sure that I stay on track to accomplishing those monthly goals – I use weekly goals! Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about how I use these weekly goals to CRUSH all of my goals each month! In the meantime, take some time and write out what YOU want to accomplish during the month of August. Share your goals below or on Instagram at @Raceacrossthestates!

Runner’s Share: Pre-Run Fuel

Runner's Share

Need some suggestions for fueling up before you run?
Check out these awesome ideas from Instagram runners around the world:



+ Oatmeal
+ Cream of rice
+ Cliff Bar
+ English Muffin
+ Toast
+ Cereal
+ Bagel
+ Nuun
+ Waffle
+ Honey
+ Saltine crackers


+ Peanut Butter
+ Egg Whites
+ Marigold Protein bar
+ Cliff Bar
+ Nuts
+ Hummus


+ Banana
+ Green Apple
+ Blueberries
+ Apple sauce
+ Raisins


+ Coffee
+ An oatmeal raisin cookie



+ Pizza & donuts the night before
+ Heavy spicy stew with rich homemade broth and loaded with veggies
+ Chicken Parmesan
+ Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich + a long island
+ Black bean and beet burger from No Meat Athlete
+ Cheeseburger
+ Steak & potatoes
+ Pizza and wine
+ Pasta or a turkey sandwich
+ Carbs & less protein (something easy to digest) and then water


+ Home-made banana bread
+ A banana with a sprinkle of salt
+ Dried banana chips and Maurten gels during
+ Avocado bagel
+ Peanut butter and bread with half a banana
+ Nothing, oatmeal, or PB toast – depends on my race strategy or distance
+ Cliff bar, banana, 12 oz. salted water, and a 5 hr. energy
+ Bagel & cream cheese
+ Greek yogurt with granola or cereal
+ English muffin with laughing cow cheese
+ Bagel & honey
+ Sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich
+ Sourdough bread slices
+ Black coffee
+ Oatmeal (preferably chocolate chip)


@minimalinfluence – @sergio_guerra_r – @randyrunzmaine – @cris.tianlg – @kaf_runn – @runningbaldman – @jimmystixruns – @queen_authentic – @lea.zun – @scrubs_n_spandex – @andrewtram – @dontcallita_runback – @elaina_runs – @nomivv – @tbogda0471 – @dp_on_the_go – @ellakbuss – @lindseyandrew – @oli_beringer – @millzgotmiles – @zhanelturarbek – @t_perk13 – @ruben_sgomes – @j5thekosmostones – @dwaynejordan23 – @nartron3k – @siamese.runner – @fafi_stags – @trekettup – @caragiovannaa – @willa_jace01- @run_like_a_mother2 – @lenaclaudia – @dan_runs_downtown – @jordynefriedenfels – @thatsastep1 – @madisonbrookeharmer – @stevekorchinos – – @1beer.1mile – @emily_kenyon4 – @mikefire53 – @stavlevyhalabe – @run_emc – @kelli.threet – @casi.lummer – @sprintergonedistance – @amystrahan – @sk1nnylegs – @lizzieroyer – @ambegezda – @_tony_trains – @runthefifty_ – @frumpycob – @hannalyn13 – – @innerathletemi – @xtyleryoungx –

Once you’ve explored, make sure to share your own suggestions below!

RUNNER’S SHARE: What Do YOU Do When You DON’T F&$% Feel Like Running?

Runner's Share

We all have days when we just don’t feel like running – it’s inevitable. Motivation isn’t constant – it ebbs and flows. So what should YOU do when you don’t feel like running?! I took it to Instagram and gathered some awesome tips to help you answer that question next time!


Let my body rest and try to get the run in later”

“Don’t run”

“Just rest or walk

“Lay in bed”


I just don’t, or I do a nature walk!”

“Sometimes I run anyways, others, like today, I listen to my body and rest.


“Core or lower body strength training”

“Hike/swim/bike/nap/second nap.”

“Go for a good walk with the dogs.”

“Walk instead…”

“Choose a different type of exercise like swimming or rowing.”

“Long walk or hike with my dog.”

“Go to the gym and do a different type of workout.”

“Swimming or cycling are great alternatives! TRIFLIFE!”


“I’ll still go, if not I’ll just reset for the next day.”

“Run more.”

“Start running! The feeling always fades with the miles!”

“Give it a go for 10 mins and if after that I still don’t want to, I go home!”

“I just go and let myself walk whenever I feel like it. But at least start out running.”

“Go anyway!!!”


“I put on my running clothes anyway. Usually that’s enough to change my mind”

“Tell myself I’ll walk, it always turns into a run once out.”

“I run”


“Run anyways!”

“I push myself to go anyways, and I usually end up enjoying it and being glad I went. The moments when I lack motivation and need to go, I just fall back on discipline.”

“I walk for a half mile or so and then I’m usually in the mood to run by then.”

“Go for 5 minutes. If after 5 minutes you still feel like not running then stop! I never stop.”

“I usually just run at a different time in the day. Morning run turns into a night run.”




“I usually start watching really hard core athletes train on Youtube! It really inspires me!”

“Remember who I used to be”

“Do breathing exercises for the run”

“Add some new songs to my playlist and run anyways!”

“I tell myself I can turn around at anytime”

“Take a walk to motivate myself”

“Tell myself, “I’m just going to do 5 mins!” helps me determine if I’m making excuses or do need rest. If after 5 mins I’m still not in it then I’ll rest… 90% of the time I don’t want to stop then!”

“Tell myself to just to X number of miles then see how I feel. Then I focus on 1 mile at a time.”

“I take a shower to warm my body up! It sounds kinda weird but it works.”

“Take it one step at a time with no expectations.”

“Listen to happy music.”

“I find an inspiring endurance book like “Into Thin Air” if they can climb Everest, then I can run!”

“Go slow. Pretend you’re going for a walk. After a mile, I’m ready to run!”

“Make a really good playlist. Or run fast so it’s over quicker!”

“I try and switch up the route, change my music, do something different to switch it up even just a little!”

Have your own that I should add to the list?! Share it below and leave your Name or Instagram handle to have your idea added!



You know the feeling… 

You’re getting ready for what’s supposed to be one of your favorite parts of your day…your runBut something just isn’t right. You just don’t feel like running. You lace up your shoes, hoping to get some momentum going. As you walk out the door, you’re feeling sluggish, slow, heavy — oh, and your feet weigh approximately twenty two thousand pounds. Simply put: you just don’t feel like a runner today.

If you’re anything like me, you have these days – and these runs – ALL. THE. TIME. Sometimes it’s not just one day either – sometimes it’s a week – or two weeks – or even an entire training season. You’re running on empty and you just can’t seem to find the energy, the motivation, or the ease that once flowed. Your feet are dragging, your breathing is heavy, your mind is occupied with this thing and that.

You’re running on empty

So what do YOU do when you don’t feel like running?

Do you muscle through it and push yourself?
Do you give up and go home to rest and reset?
How do you get the momentum back? 

Life isn’t always going to be a walk in the park. You and I – our surroundings, our life circumstances & situations, our relationships, our bodies – are constantly evolving – physically, emotionally, mentally, financially. We can’t, we shouldn’t, ever expect life to stay the same forever – and we shouldn’t expect our running to either. Challenging days, and even entire periods of our lives, require different amounts of ourselves. And that’s OKAY. Giving yourself the grace and the flexibility to pause and figure out the source of your fatigue, as well as what you’re needing during this moment in time,  is what I’ve found to be the most important step for getting your mojo back. 

Whether it’s an isolated argument with a loved one, a financial hardship that’s been mentally draining you for weeks, or simply that dreaded time of the month for all you women out there – we must remember that it’s okay to not be okay. Life’s challenges have a way of seeping into other areas of our lives – including our running – leaving us feeling drained before we’ve even laced up our shoes. But once you can put a label to what you’re feeling – and accept the reason behind your feeling – you can start to take back the power and the control.

You can recognize that the argument you had with your husband is making you feel frustrated, and then you can give yourself the space to figure out what you’re needing from your run that day – do you need a slower pace? A shorter distance? Or do you need to cancel your run all together to think about or journal your feelings today instead? 

What’s the alternative? Mindlessly heading out on that run. Feeling like shit. Ruminating and becoming frustrated with yourself. Maybe even letting those feelings turn into some false beliefs like whether you’re just simply not cut out for running – trust me, I’ve been there before & it’s not a fun place to be. But when you don’t give yourself the space to actually figure out why you’re feeling so drained or uninspired, you start to assign blame where it doesn’t belong.

It’s easy to blame a “bad run” on something physical – your endurance, your energy, your muscle recovery, even something you ate the night before. It’s even EASIER to blame it on circumstances you can’t control – the weather, the time of day, your headphones being dead. But blaming your lack of flow on these circumstances won’t help you get better – it won’t help you get back in your groove. Sometimes we forget how important of a role our emotions, our thoughts, our beliefs, and our needs play in our ability to run – & sometimes that’s exactly where the solution lies. 

So, again, what do you do

Pause. Take inventory of your life – ALL areas of your life. Think through your work, your family, your financial situation, your body, your energy, how much sleep you got the night before, what you ate this morning, the weather, everything and anything. You could start by trying to think through the areas of health to see if anything comes to the surface of your mind: physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual. You could also use more of a time-line type of thinking: what happened 5 minutes ago, earlier today, last night, yesterday, last week, this month? Once you’ve developed a sense of the source of your lack of gusto – think through what you’re NEEDING from your run today (or if you’re even needing one at all, man). There ain’t no shame in the walking game on those days when you just don’t feel like running.