Okay, now that you’ve got your MONTHLY GOALS planned out (if not – check out this blog post) – it’s time to set some WEEKLY GOALS to accomplish those! Each week, I sit back down with my paper and pen (and crayons admittedly) and create a weekly goal list. This helps me to break those monthly goals down into actual tasks that I can gradually accomplish! Here’s how it goes…


Write the days of the week on one axis (you can choose how to organize it & whether you prefer the days of the week to be on the top of the paper or the side – I’ve tried both)!


Write out the 6-8 areas of your life from your monthly goal list on the other axis of the paper (PRO TIP: I also include a section for “other” to include random responsibilities/life things that come up – doctors appointments, birthdays, etc.)


Write out small daily goals for each of the days/areas of your life. Here are some examples:

If my EMOTIONAL HEALTH MONTHLY GOAL is to practice gratitude 5 minutes/day then…
Under “EMOTIONAL HEALTH” I will write “5 min of gratitude” as a daily goal for each day of the week.

If my PHYSICAL HEALTH MONTHLY GOAL is to do abs 3x/week then…
Under “PHYSICAL HEALTH” I will choose 3 days to write “abs for 10 min.” as a daily goal.

If my BLOG MONTHLY GOAL is to write 3 posts per week then…
Under “BLOG” I will choose 3 days and write the ideas for what I will post on those days
(PRO TIP: The more time and energy you put into actually specifically planning what you will do/how long you will do it – the more likely you are to actually follow through)!

Ready to set some goals?! Take those monthly goals and break them down into weekly, and daily, goals for this upcoming week – and before you know it, you’ll be crossing items off and gaining momentum & balance in all areas of your life! Make sure you take a picture of your weekly goals and share it with me on Instagram at @raceacrossthestates!

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