States #31, #32, #33, and #34

I AM SO EXCITED! Well… it pretty much goes without saying at this point – but – 2020 has been QUITE A WILD RIDE. I had so many running plans for this year – plans to travel to several states, plans to compete in ACTUAL RACES in Missouri, New Jersey, Colorado, South Dakota, Massachusetts… and more, plans to have at LEAST 36 states checked off my list by the end of the year. But hey – life is ANYTHING but predictable, and I had to change course.

After running state #29 in Little Rock, Arkansas on March 1st (in an ACTUAL RACE) – I was on my own personal little running CLOUD 9. I was the first place female finisher in a HUGE race – the biggest race that I’ve ever even placed in, and I actually WON. I beat my personal record by shaving 4 MINUTES off my previous record of 1:29 – this time running 13.1 miles in 1:25 (a freaking 6:30 minute average). I was SO FREAKING PUMPED about this year – so excited to keep going and building on my progress… but… again, life changed! So I had two choices: I could either get frustrated, discouraged, and wait until things opened back up (which would take WHO KNOWS how long) – OR….

I could take control of my journey.

I could readjust, replan, and rearrange my year. And that is JUST WHAT I DID – starting with STATE #30. I ran state #30 in South Carolina (Myrtle Beach) on June 5th. Sure, there wasn’t an “actual race” going on – but that was just fine with me. I packed my bags and road-tripped all the way down South to run my OWN 13.1 miles on the beach – my own, personal, homemade race (and guess what? I WON!). So now, I’m going to keep the adventure going by taking another summer road-trip to conquer states #31, #32, #33, and #34 this AUGUST. While I can’t compete in real races – it’s so important to me that I embrace the challenges and unexpected changes in life. Why?

Because my running is NOT about competing – it is NOT about setting records, winning first place, or always have to be the best – and I feel like I almost started to forget that when I won in Arkansas. My running is about ENJOYING it, it is about having FUN, it is about TRAVELING and EXPLORING and ADVENTURING, it is about the love of running itself. And nothing, not even COVID, can stop me from driving, exploring, or running (safely and socially distanced of course)!

So, here’s the game-plan…

(Des Moines)

Des Moines, Iowa

DATE: AUGUST 4th, 2020


Omaha, Nebraska

DATE: AUGUST 5th, 2020

(Colorado Springs)

Colorado Springs, Colorado

DATE: AUGUST 7th, 2020


Topeka, Kansas

DATE: AUGUST 10th, 2020

I am SO excited to take this trip and challenge myself to try something different. I have NEVER traveled by myself, so this adventure will really be something completely new for me, and for my running journey. As you all know, I am ALWAYS looking for places to explore, things to see, and what to eat whenever I take a trip – so if you know someone who lives/has been to any of these cities – PLEASE leave some suggestions below!! And feel free to subscribe to get updates on the story of each state once I get home!

One thought

  1. Colorado Springs is beautiful. Leave yourself time to explore Garden of the Gods or better yet make it part of your race course. Manitou Springs, which is nestled up against it, is a quaint little place, and I hope you have a little time in there to explore at least part of Pike’s Peak. You’re going to have a blast!


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