After sharing my own (very strange) mid-run thoughts in my most recent blog post, I couldn’t help but wonder whether I was alone. I COULDN’T POSSIBLY be the only one who has the absolute strangest ideas, experiences, thoughts, and visions pop into their head 3-miles into a run…right? Well, I took it to Instagram to find out – and here is what runners shared when I asked them,

“What is the strangest thought or experience you’ve had while running?”

“How funny it would be if every step I took I farted, so the faster I run the more I’d fart.”

“Running along a lake and a guys fishing hook hooked my shoe!”

“Would it hurt if I “accidentally” jumped off the bridge into that river…?”

“Those gnats who just died on my sweaty legs really have a sad existence…”

“If I faint… try to look graceful.”

“I wonder if I would still run if I could fly…”

“What if I flag down the next car and hitch a ride back to my starting place…?”

“The only reason I’m going to stop is if a deer runs into me.”

“I can hold it… oops maybe not!”

“I’m so cold… how am I going to pull my pants off in the porta potty?”

So, let me just say – for the record – that I am CLEARLY not the only one who has wild and crazy thoughts while running. Huge shout out to all of you who helped me to feel a little better about my mid-run thoughts – if you want to check them out yourself, click HERE. I know these aren’t the only brave souls willing to admit their craziest running thoughts – so don’t forget to leave your craziest running thoughts below!

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