Green Bay, Wisconsin

State #2

​Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Half: Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon
Date: September 21st, 2014
Finish Time:

Who’d I travel with? Melissa, Cliff, Rob, Mom, Marsha  
Pre-run meal? Pretty sure it was fast food of some sort…

Alright… Maybe Just One More…

​So, half marathon #2… not as glamorous. It was basically out of convenience. There happened to be a half marathon that my cousin Melissa’s husband was running in Green Bay, and this happens to be where 99.9% of my family members live. We travel back and forth from Ohio to Wisconsin at least 4-5 times a year to visit my siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, grandparents, you get the point. But anyways, we were back to go on our annual apple-picking trip with the entire family. And it just so happened that there was also a half marathon this weekend, so, I ran.

My training wasn’t as exciting this time; I barely even remember if I did train. I’m sure I did because my time improved. I can’t recall what I had to eat the night before, or nearly anything except for one thing: I slept on the floor of my sister’s house, with 2 cats (I’m allergic to cats), and was just unpleasantly surprised by mother nature’s gift for the month. I was less than thrilled, but I was ready to run.

It was actually a beautiful course. It’s funny how you’re running for 13 miles yet you can usually only recall bits and pieces of the run. Like what the hell was I doing that I didn’t take in the surroundings for 8/13 of the miles? But I do remember running through a few parks, running by some water, and the fact that I hadn’t yet faced my first “there and back” (I actually didn’t even know there was the potential for such dreadful things in a race of this length). It was a beautiful run, and it left me ready to keep running. 

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