In case you haven’t heard – a 25 year old female in Arkansas was murdered this week while running. And in case you haven’t heard – just 18 days before THAT, a 43 year old female runner in Dallas was murdered while out for her run.

Can you imagine? Fearing for your safety while you’re out just trying to log some miles, just out trying to enjoy your morning run, just out trying to stay healthy? I can. And guess what? So can way too many other female runners. The stories below range from creepy, to scary, to downright terrifying – with some ending in calls to the police, jumps into bushes, and fear for running alone. Can you imagine? We can.

What is your SCARIEST running story?

I was running in spandex and a sports bra and a large truck started to honk and yell things out the window (like hot mama and nice piece of ass) and I ignored him.He passed me and I was relieved that it was over. But then he TURNED AROUND and FOLLOWED ME and STOPPED AHEAD OF ME, parked, got out and started to come towards me while yelling, “how dare you not respond to me girl.” I ran into a business and called the cops. It took me weeks to be able to run on my own after that.
– @justinekruges

I grew up in an Oceanside suburb. In my area there were plenty of marinas and commercial fishing areas. I remember being maybe 15 and running through a marina as a cut through to run on a private beach. A white van followed me all throughout the entire marina on my way in as I went to the beach. On my way out, I went the same way and the same white van was sitting there waiting to follow me again. I saw it and immediately turned around and called my parents. I sat on the beach until my dad picked me up. I don’t think I ran alone again for close to a year because I was so scared.
– @Grace.Mcgrath7

In eighth grade I was running with some girls and we stopped for water and a male biker circled us, but he kept making the circle smaller and smaller. Thankfully, there were some guys from our school that caught up to us before anything actually happened – but it was so scary.
– @Ellakbuss

I was running early in the morning and a car stopped, followed me, and kept stopping. It was a lone man in the car. I was so uncomfortable that I had to run through backyards and a field just to lose him.
– @cd.wheeler

I ran by a guy in a city who ran over and grabbed me! Luckily I pushed him off and got away.
– Anonymous Female Runner

Ran the loop in my neighborhood. Saw the same white truck turn around 3 TIMES. Reported his plates.
– @perrialtomare

A guy approached me in jeans and told me he was out for a run and wanted to join me. He asked if I was single and I said I was married with 2 kids, he asked if I was serious.
– @dontcallita_runback

A man started chasing me on a bike and throwing rocks at me.
– @maddiehinman

The other day a man followed me on his skateboard. And that’s just one of the few…
– @maeganjfitz

Guy passed me three times slow! Now I share my GPS and drop pins on my map with loved ones so they can see where I am!
– @msstephanielowe

Followed by a guy on a bike with a bat. I stopped for him to pass and he kept getting behind me.
– @stephaniejacole

I was followed by a moped with 2 guys on it. I thought I was going to be robbed.
– @rdp_runner

A guy was masturbating while following me in a minivan… of all vehicles.
– @meganwal

I had my headphones in, looking down at my phone while walking back from my run & a man tried to steal my phone/attack me. Haven’t worn headphones since that incident.
– @abigail_selflove

One time a guy followed me in his car for about two miles of my run – terrifying. I had to sprint.
– @lauren.voinovich

My friend and I were running on a moderately quiet trail and a black mustang creeped up…
– @tessington95

A white van passed me once, passed me twice, I said HELL NO and jumped into the woods. I was hiding behind a tree and it went by AGAIN super slow – like it was looking for me. I hate running alone so much. I’m always so scared I’m going to get taken.
– @jackierunsalatte

On a run with my twin (14 years old) down a canal and a man in a car chased us while exposing himself. We had to jump a fence to get away from him.
– @momontherun84

A car turning around TWICE and staring at me while I ran. Totally freaked out!
– @oli_beringer

A guy followed me and asked for my number. He kept asking and got pissed & wouldn’t leave me alone. Finally he sped off.
– @run_victoria_run

A man followed me down a path that I didn’t know would dead end. I ran through the bushes to escape.
– Anonymous Female Runner

A man on my running route waits at the end of his driveway every morning for me to run by and then follows me. Without fail. Every time. I’ve had to change my route.
– @bexx.osterlee

I was stretching on the sidewalk and a man pulled up on a bike and asked if I wanted a beer. I took out my headphones and said no. He then sat down, cracked one open, and watched me stretch.
– @runreadcraft

I was chased by a man on my run. I’ve also had a man reach out his window to me.
– @runwithchels


We can. Not being able to wear headphones out of fear. Ducking and diving into bushes, trees, businesses, fields out of fear. Carrying mace, alarms, knives during our runs, out of fear. And yet still, some of our scariest running stories still end in death. While we women can’t control the scary in the world – we can prepare ourselves for it. The ladies below offered their best advice for staying safe while running.


Please be careful running solo. A girl from the town I’m from was just abducted and murdered in Sydney Sutherland. It has shaken our community and girls that run. Please always give your route, clothing description, etc. to somebody you trust and check in when done if you don’t have a running partner. Or carry mace or a weapon. It’s sad that women have to go through these extra lengths just to run but please protect yourself!
– @hannahchere

Run aware, run safe, stick to main roads if you’re alone. You can’t be too careful.
– @stephaniejacole

Carry at least 1-2 self defense items (pepper spray, noise maker, tools on fingers/hands). And make sure people can see them because criminals want easy targets, they will more likely avoid people who they think are going to fight back.
– @ultr.50.rnr

My mom bought me a little alarm to run with! There’s this brand called Run Angel which is worn as a bracelet!
– @rdp_runner

Make sure you share things like social media passwords, cell phone logins, information about places you frequently run, and other important personal information with someone you trust just incase you EVER find yourself in a situation where you need to be located.
– Anonymous Female Runner

Do you have a scary story to add to the list – or a piece of advice for female runners? Share it below. And don’t forget to like, share, and re-post this blog to spread awareness about the dangers of running as a female & what we can do to stay safe during our runs.

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